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Appin Security Group
Torchbearer of Progressive Excellence

Greatness is a pursuit- a very honorable one. And leadership is a continually evolving science.It is the union of these two belief systems that has powered Appin to the top echelons of the pecking order in information technology.
The Appin Security Group, the custodian of your framework, is the world's fourth largest critical Infrastructure security solutions company. It is your The company offers a host of technology-based solutions to the various sectors of the market,enabling organizations to overcome their challenges with the optimum use of our expertise..

Detection,Verification and Resolution

The sure-shot way to stamp out the potential for damage and loss to your set-up is to diagnose, and then react to the unfolding of events sooner rather than later-preferably,much before there is a hint of it happening. We take pride in being pro-active! From preventive maintenance to customized solutions, we put our skill-set to work to ensure you have a greater operating time, through the delivery of a well thought-out process that provides you with the much-needed experience and exposure to the different elements of your business.

arving a Niche

Appin's journey has been its destination. In our earnest endeavor to satisfy our patrons, we have left no stone unturned.We try to be worthy of our clients' trust, but more importantly, we faithfully deliver it. The Appin Security Group holds the peerless merit of providing critical information security consulting & network security services to India's all 4 major Airports. Once we took off, there was no looking back!

We secure the President's House, Nuclear power plants,Commonwealth Games,Delhi Metro Rail Corporation,Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd., Indian Police Service and the Ministry of Defense, including the Army, Navy and the Air force units.

We are also a security solutions provider to over 1300 websites that are audited and monitored by the Appin Security Group,globally. We have served Microsoft,Daikin,Actis, Intuit, Huawei and Shinsei bank in their critical security needs.

Gone are the days when a company was restricted to doing business only in their own backyards.A truly global presence comes through rules of engagement. Courtesy of our physical presence in 73 cities, over 320 dedicated Greenfield engagements and a steadfast army of 1250 security researchers,product developers,deployment and maintenance specialists, we have been adjudged as the company with a difference.The foundation rests in Appin's strong research orientation that enables it to constantly innovate in the area of technology design methodologies.

Stay Secure

There is always a profound fear of insecurity and unrelenting threats to an organizations stability and its security apparatus. But the nemesis is not undefeatable. Appin is committed to reinvigorate the security architecture of your business and make it more effective. We renew confidence.It requires new ideas, new solutions and new technology. Its not about hiring more security guards. Its about connecting knowledge. Appin creates smart solutions by linking information from multiple systems. Overcoming technological boundaries creates a more robust, more flexible and more responsive solution.

Human element

Its our vibrant entrepreneurial culture that makes it all click, with human values a central component of our business model.Because it symbolizes morality, honour and trustworthiness, great impetus is given to the principles of integrity. Satisfying a customer requires relentless attention to execution and we handle with care. We learn to listen and listen to learn! It involves listening 80% of the time and speaking 20% of the time.It requires an appreciation for different ideas.

We are group of dedicated, hardworking, ordinary people who have teamed together to accomplish extraordinary things.Like Elbert Hubbard once very succinctly phrased it,"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.No machine can do the work of fifty one extraordinary man.


"Good business leaders create a vision,articulate the vision,passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion." Jack Welch

We celebrate everything that we have realized , but we also raise the bar a little higher each time we succeed.

We have a blueprint the constant development of initiatives focused on the prevention,identification,mitigation and treatment of the disorders that confront your organization. We are already regraded as an establishment with an extraordinary foundation of excellence and global impact. and in the coming years, we have enormous potential to build on these strengths and rise to even greater heights of distinctions through service.

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